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Natural Larimar Pendant in 925 Sterling Silver

Product Descriptions

Jewelry Type - Pendant 

Product Weight (gram) - 10.48 (approx.)

Stone - Larimar, Blue Topaz, Crystal

Stone Size - 15 x 11 mm (approx.)

Metal - 925 Sterling Silver

Metal Stamp - IG925

Product Dimension - Length-45mm, Width-31mm, Height-6mm (approx)

Larimar is a wonderful meditation stone.  It quickly and effortlessly calms the mind and bestows inner peace.  It naturally raises consciousness and facilitates contact and communication with the angelic realms.

Larimar brings harmony and assists in balancing the yin-yang energies, thus unifying our male and female qualities.  It promotes self healing and is excellent for unplugging the meridians and dissolving energy blocks, particularly in the head, neck and chest.

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