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Amethyst Veracruz

Amethyst Veracruz

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Vera Cruz Amethyst crystals have amazing luster and clarity. They run from a very light shade of lavender through to the very rare rich deep purple color. They can form with a variety of attributes such as phantoms, single and double terminated points, as well as in cluster form. And on rare occasions, as enhydro – which are crystals with moving water bubbles inside them. Over time, the miners in the Vera Cruz region have learned to really take care of these special crystals through their birthing process, so it is quite possible to get these crystals in undamaged form, especially the specimens our retail arm Majestic Quartz has in stock – we deal direct with the mines.

Vera Cruz Amethyst is a stone of spiritual ascension and growth. It opens, activates, and heals the Crown and Third Eye Chakras to align us with our higher selves and connect with guides so that we may be of optimal service.

This variety of Amethyst helps us access our intuition and strengthen the power of our inner knowing, offering us guidance on our divine path and purpose. It opens us to the reasons we experience important life lessons. Vera Cruz Amethyst is a lovely stone for meditation and helps us sink into the present moment.

A Heart Chakra stone, Vera Cruz Amethyst opens the heart to divine love. It encourages compassion, kindness, nurturing, and love for all beings we encounter, on this plane and others.

Vera Cruz Amethyst is associated with the charitable tolerance of Aquarius and the kind dedication of Pisces.


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