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Black Tourmaline Points

Product Descriptions

Sometimes our thoughts can really get out of control and put us in a terrible headspace. This can happen when we’re triggered, randomly out of the blue or even insidiously, when we finally have a chance to relax from our hectic lives. Our minds tend to have a spotlight effect exclusively on the bad aspects of a situation or experience. Starting and/or finishing your day with a ritual incorporating black tourmaline can be exceptionally powerful in keeping those thoughts at bay and transforming them into something positive and constructive.

Obviously, the best way to escape someone’s toxic energy is to separate yourself physically from that person. However, that’s not always possible and in some cases the energy might only be subtle or short lived. Keeping some tourmaline around or on you is an excellent way to help divert the negative energy and keep it from messing with your head and body. The stone acts as a sponge by absorbing potentially harmful energy. As black tourmaline is commonly incorporated into jewelry, wearing a bracelet or necklace with the stone is both a subtle and effective way of keeping bad energy at bay. 

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