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Ibis Jasper Pebbles

Product Descriptions

Ibis jasper is named after the Ibis bird, due to it's similarities to the bird's colors. This bird, historically has been associated with Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom & spiritual sciences. We can trace some of this stone's metaphysical properties back to this association- ibis jasper can assist with meditation, akashic record work, ritual, higher self allignment, and all things spiritual. Ibis jasper is an incredible stone with numerous of benefits- healing, spirituality, and creativity. Whether you are overworked, stressed, wanting to dig deeper into life, going through a chaotic period, unmotivated, or lacking inspiration; this stone is perfect for you, or a friend! Crystals, especially jasper, provide such a base level nurturing & healing vibration, that they are great for groups, and anybody from a newbie to an avid crystal collector can benefit from it.

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